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Ragnificent Dolls is a small ragdoll cattery located in rural northeast Texas. It was born from a long-time dream of raising and showing this amazingly beautiful breed. We are a cageless cattery, and our cats are raised in a loving home. We are TICA registered.

Ragdolls are a large breed of cat with females weighing 10-12 lbs on average and males averaging 12-20 pounds. They are semi-long haired with bunny soft fur. While their coats are resistant to matting, they do require occasional grooming. Many believe that ragdolls don’t shed, but they do have fur, and they will shed. Shedding can be kept contained with a regular grooming session, which most ragdolls thoroughly enjoy. Your ragdoll will rarely need bathing.

In general, ragdoll cats have a very sweet temperament and all around good nature. Many have the tendency to go limp when picked up, hence the name, ragdoll. They are great at socialization and are good with children and strangers. Because they are a docile breed, they are not good at defending themselves and must never be allowed to venture outdoors. There is a strict no declaw stipulation in our contract.

All true ragdolls have blue eyes and are pointed cats (darker color on the face, ears, legs, and tail). They may be of several colors and patterns. Acceptable colors are seal, blue, flame, cream, chocolate, lilac and tortie. Ragdoll patterns consist of color point, bicolor, and mitted. Lynx (tabby) can be present in any of these patterns. Kittens are born white, and color will start to appear during the first week. It will develop gradually for three to four years. It should be noted that a cat of any other color or pattern, or one without blue eyes, does not fall within the breed standards.

We practice early spay and neuter, and none of our pet or show kittens will leave us unaltered. Absolutely no exceptions. All of our breeding ragdolls have tested negative directly or through parentage for HCM.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy your visit to Ragnificent Dolls.