Available Ragdoll Kittens

Kitten News updated 7/9/20

Currently accepting applications for litters born 6/22 and 7/1. Please submit our application and read the Adopting a Kitten page if you are interested in one of these babies. Photos will be posted when the kittens are a little older.


Bebe and Axel kittens born 6/22
  1. blue bicolor female – evaluating
  2. blue lynx bicolor female – on hold
  3. seal lynx bicolor female – on hold
  4. seal mitted female – Asia
Niko and Axel kittens born 7/1
  1. seal bicolor male – on hold
  2. blue bicolor female – evaluating
  3. blue mitted male – Tom
  4. blue mitted female – Tiffany
  5. seal bicolor male – on hold

Evaluating = evaluating for possible show/breeder qualities (may become available)
Available = no deposit has been placed on this kitten
On Hold = awaiting deposit from buyer or awaiting buyer’s choice (some will become available)
Reserved = deposit has been received for this kitten
Sold = purchaser has completed payment



Contact me for more information on kitten availability.

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